Long Island Pool Patios & Poolscapes
Stone Paver Pool Patio & Poolscape Mason Contractor Professionals

Long Island Home and Businesses Owners can depend on Long Island Landscaping & Masonry for all their Custom Stone Paver Installation needs.

We Specialize in the following Paver Stone Brands

  • Cambridge Stone Pavers
  • Nicolock Stone Pavers
  • Techo Bloc Stone Pavers
  • Bluestone Slate
  • Old Fashioned Brick

Whatever product you desire, we will professionally install it with our fine mason skilled craftsmanship.


We will build your Custom Stone Paver Poolscape Pool Patio ontop of a 4 inch deep Reinforced Concrete base. An even layer of sand is then applied ontop of the concrete base, then the Custom Stone Pavers that you have chosen will be laid down surrounding your pool giving it an appearance you'll be proud of. The outer ridge of your pool will have stone that is called "Bullnose Coping", which is has a rounded edge so there are no sharp edges of stone that will come in contact with anyone that is enjoying your pool.


With years of Experience building Poolscapes and Pool Patios using Stone Paver Applications, we have the know how to get the job done.


Our Landscaping Services also include the plantings of shrubs, privacy bushes and yes, even Long Island Grown Rich Brilliant Green Sod, giving you the ability to have your own Property Makeover done on your property at a surprisingly affordable price.


If you have an exisiting inground sprinkler system, we can re-route the irrigation lines and sprinkler heads around your new Poolscape assuring your landscape gets the water it needs during spring, summer and fall.

If your property doesn't currently have a sprinkler system, we can install a multi-zone system on your property that will take care of all of your watering needs, along with timers that can be set at anytime to have your property watered when its convenient for you and your family.

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